In a world immersed in technology, designer’s have plenty of choice for hardware and software to use to create. Designers and creators of all kinds used to be limited to their desktop computers. Now we have desktops, laptops, phones and tablets of all kinds to create and showcase our work. With so many types of products, how does one choose?


Most of the buying decision of hardware is up to personal preference and the needs of the creator. The hardware needs to perform certain processes required by the creators programs. Most designers use the Adobe Creative Suite but some use…

Hardest Tool for Beginning Illustrators

Designers and Illustrators have many tools and programs at their disposal to assist them in their creations. Some are easier to learn and master than others but there’s an overall consensus on which tool is the hardest. The Pen Tool is a love it or hate it type of tool that can prove to be difficult for beginner Designers and Illustrators.

The Basics

The one thing to keep in mind: The only way to master any skill is to practice. The Pen Tool can be conquered in stages, starting with the basics. What is the Pen Tool good for? Well, it can…

What Every Designer Needs to Know

In every design profession there are rules, guidelines one needs to follow. Whether working in web design, graphic design, illustration or UI/UX design, all are governed by these rules. Many designers learn these rules in university or college. Those who are self-taught may learn them from an online course or figure them out as they progress. They are the Golden Rules of Design, there are eight of them, which help designers create effective and impactful pieces to communicate their message.

The question always comes up, “Can you recreate this?”. As Illustrators and Designers know too well, digitally recreating an image is no easy task. The process of doing this is called “vectoring an image”. This is not only for images but for anything that is illustrated and made into multiple variances.

Imagine a client walks in and hands over files they want printed on a large banner. When the file opens, it is a gut-wrenching 72dpi resolution JPEG. This will not work for such a large print space. Printing a JPEG file with that resolution will result in a blurry…

As an Illustrator, there are so many tools available to make our workflows easier and more efficient. Many do not know some of these tools exist or even how to use them. There are a handful of key tools that can make illustrating easier; whether you work on a desktop, laptop or on an iPad, these tools help across the board.

The Width Tool

The Width Tool has really changed the game for efficiency with lines and strokes in design since its release in 2015. This tool is still pretty new in the world of design within the Adobe Illustrator program. …

Adobe and Google are no strangers to collaboration. They have been working closely together to improve the workflows of their users. More recently, they have created a new integration to allow for seamless inspiration.

In Fall 2020, Adobe and Google collaborated and launched Google Workspace. This allowed for a better integration of the Google apps, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drive and Gmail, and Creative Cloud Libraries to improve productivity.

Now it is Spring 2021, Adobe and Google have come out with a new integration that helps to keep us all inspired. …

Composite of a traveler and a world map with binary code

In the world of graphic design, there are rules and guidelines that help in the process of creating powerful graphics and messages. These rules are known as the Principles of Design. One of these Principles help to create order out of chaos, hierarchy.

The arrangement of design elements in order of importance to convey a message.

Hierarchy, to put it simply, places emphasis on certain aspects of a design to provide a clear message. This can be done in a multitude of ways; from placing the most important part of the design higher on the page, to having the…

Illustrating looks fun, interesting and captivating in books, on TV and on social media but it all starts with a sketch. Sketches are not as beautiful and glamorous as what is seen on posters, websites and the media. Sketches are often rough, quick and incomplete ideas for a single concept (or problem given by a client). A sketch is the starting point to any fully conceptual illustration or piece of artwork.

Start with a Sketch

A sketch helps to bring all the ideas for a concept out on the table. Once there are sketches to choose from, the best idea is chosen to create…

There are so many questions surrounding NFT’s (non-fungible tokens); “are they real?”, “what are they?”, “how are they different from regular crypto?”, “are they worth anything or are they a fad?” To put it simply, yes they are real. They are real digital assets that live in a digital space. Those who do purchase them own a token on the blockchain of the NFT, not the original piece of work. NFT’s can only have one owner at a time.

NFT coin infographic with code

Where Can They Be Purchased?

NFT’s being digital assets, they can be purchased in an online marketplace where they are a available for a specific amount…

What Are NFT’s?

NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

A unit of data stored on a digital ledger (blockchain) that certifies a digital asset and provides proof of authenticity.

NFT’s represent many forms of digital assets from photos and videos to audio, animations, GIFs, interactive art or anything digital. Many music artists are creating NFT’s from their song lyrics. Even Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, has created NFT’s from his first tweets on the platform. They can be anything that has a digital code or blockchain which cannot be interchangible. This means that NFT’s cannot be faked or duplicated. …

Angela Schrock

Graphic Designer and Illustrator sharing my experience and interests in design, illustration and all things creative with the world.

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